DLT powered crowdfunding platform

DLT powered crowdfunding platform

DLT powered crowdfunding platform

DLT powered crowdfunding platform

advanced business processes for project within the platform
security and protection of non-professional investors
external classic banking solutions
tool for investing and developing projects for large businesses
We design and build a unique combination of a classic set of financial services and state-of-the-art distributed registry solutions, digital assets and smart contracts
Completely legally and flexibly customizable for different jurisdictions.

Our long-term goal - to build a functioning network of legitimate branches of the platform in completely different independent jurisdictions.
Platform development is in progress.

Launch in January 2019.
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BitRussia Ecosystem for Investors and Projects
Profitable blockchain solution with smart contracts and issuing of project tokens
Typical tokenized business processes and system smart contract
Mandatory "live" rating of projects, investors and contractors

Project expenses control (Escrow)

Platform for project discussion and strategic partnership
Reporting and integration with classic banking: depository, pledges, registration of securities.
Crisis management and exit mechanisms


Free integration with any legal external partner

Internal project token exchange
KYC/AML procedures and compliance with GDPR requirements

Investment limits
for unqualified investors
Platform features:
  • Basic tokenized business processes

    • I invest

    • I contribute

    • I donate

  • System smart contracts

    • Pre-sale stage

    • Sale, exchange and donation of tokens

    • Special smart contract for a large investor

  • Special solutions for projects that completed ICO in another jurisdiction

  • Pledges and collateral

  • Depositary, depositary receipts

  • Securities Registrar

  • Classic financial services integration, such as banks and legal exchange service

  • KYC/AML procedures provide additional security to the platform and its investors

  • Compliance with the classic banking requirements.

  • Escrow option required for newbies,

  • Managed bankruptcy and liquidation process of failed projects give extra safety for all participants.

  • Hyperledger-Sawtooth based

  • Proof-of-Authority Consensus

  • Consensus may be changed at any time

  • On-chain voting

Issue Tokens

  • General-purpose NoSQL data-storage

  • Batches

  • Timelocks

  • Siglocks

Extensible to Turing-complete EVM
Our pioneer projects
We help to develop young companies and teams that innovate crowdfunding system
the main project, DLT investment platform, the first legal in the Russian Federation. It will allow to safely and transparently invest and support cross-border projects or participate as partner.

HR service built on the blockchain, finds freelancers or professional employees with suitable experience, creates smart contracts, supports working process.
Rating system of projects and users on the blockchain. Infrastructure project platform BitRussia and an independent company.
Group of financial companies / projects in the field of legal cryptocurrency exchange, acquiring/ processing payments and issuing electronic cash.
Material Coin
Long-term slow project of tokenization of waste circulation, together with SRO RUSLOM
Lottery platform on a transparent blockchain, it is allowed to clearly know the process of drawing and the distribution of prizes.


What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is raising money directly from a large number of people all putting in relatively small amounts of money.
Who can be a crowdfunder?
Theoretically anyone can be a crowdfunder, investing in or donating to businesses, projects or ventures of their choice, however some crowdfunding platforms take the view that some investment products are more suitable for more sophisticated investors. What is important is that investors and donors can easily understand what they are putting their money into, what the risks are, where they are paying fees and what the possible return might be.
What are the main risks?
Your money is at risk, and there are never any guarantees that you will get the returns or rewards indicated. Debt investments tend to carry lower risks than equity investments for example, but really all investments have different risk profiles and you should always read offer documents in full and do your research before investing. The opportunity you put money into may operate longer than the crowdfunding platform you use, so you should also check whether they abide by the UK Crowdfunding Association's code of practice.
What is the difference between a donation and an investment?
A donation is essentially a gift: you give money to a project that you like – they may or may not offer a reward such as the product, a T-shirt or your name being included in credits etc.
An investment is where you pay money to a company in the hope of making a return over time.
What is the difference between debt and equity crowdfunding?
Debt crowdfunding is when investors lend money to a company, who then repays the investor on a regular basis. The company has to pay their debts before taking any profits, and if the company went under then debtors would get paid first. So this is a lower risk form of investment than Equity (see below).
Equity crowdfunding is when investors buy shares in a company and become part owners. They make a return on their investment either by being paid a dividend OR by selling their shares at a later date, when the company value has increased. The board of the company will decide whether to pay a dividend and how much, and if and when to sell the business, so this tends to be a higher risk form of investment as there is no guarantee of amounts or timescales for returns. Equity investments should have higher returns than debt investments, to compensate for this higher level of risk
Meet our team
Dev team BitRussia
Anton P.
CTO with over 9 years of experience in software development. AI & Blockchain enthusiast, researcher (BSU faculty of applied math)
Roman P.
Senior Java-developer
completed a B.S. in applied math from BSU with a focus in distributed calculations. He also has big experience in mobile-apps development.
Vlad D.
Senior full-stack developer
with expertise in JS, Angular, React, NodeJS, Java, Spring, Linux., experience with enterprise projects and several startups.
Paul K.
Front-end developer with six years' experience. Expert-level HTML/CSS skills. Deep knowledge of native JS, React, Vue
Liza L.
UI Designer
whose main goal is to help clients achieve their business goals effectively and fast.
Alexey L.
Product Designer
with more than 7 years of proven experience in e-commerce, advertising platforms, social networks, blockchain.
Victor K.
with 3 years of experience in web-app development. Specializes in Java, Spring, SQL, AWS.
Vladislav D.
Business analyst
with a rich past experience in Quality Assuarance. Have participated in several blockchain-based startups.
ScoreMore and WorkHero team
Konstantin B.
Business development at Nextail, Co-founder of the consulting business agency and Project Support Team Coordinator at McKinsey
Daniil S.
Manager of Trade Marketing and Strategy in QIWI, Co-founder of the consulting business agency and Project Manager in VTB
Dzhavid K.
Product Manager in a medical startup and consulting in the KPMG
Nikolai V.
15 years of IT-project management for Russian and foreign customers
Anton A
Data Science
PM at Data Analysis Center under the Moscow Government, Team Assistant on Projects at McKinsey
Dev group
dedicated team 3 x Senior developers, Java Enterprise / C++
QA group
dedicated team of QA and testing
Management team
Ivan Rodionov
Founder and platform architect
Kristina S.
Branding expert
Ekaterina A.
Marketing Manager
4Q 2017
Platform specification development
UX, landing, frontend and backend done
First presentation at the Blockchain Leadership Summit
1Q 2019
Platform completed
New business model implementation
System based smart-contracts
Soft launch in Russia
2Q 2019
Launch in Europe
Full roll-out in Russia
(accordingly legislation)
Expansion to Asia, USA, Africa
Road Map
First concept as Real Estate Development (RED) platform
Expand to National Crowdfunding Platform
Central Bank of Russia meetup
Ivan Rodionov

founder and CEO of BitRussia, tells us how his platform can restore trust in ICO investing.

Interview by Emilie RAFFO
at the Blokchain Leadership Summit
in Basel, Switzerland.


Can you trust ICOs? [Ivan Rodionov - BitRussia]
Presentation pdf (1,45 Mb)
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