Blockchain Leadership SUMMIT 2018
BitRussia took part in startup competition
In the startup competition during the Blockchain Leadership Summit, BitRussia outranked 230 rivals and broke through to take the place among 13 finalists. The competition was really fierce, but still, our project has managed to gain outstanding results.
On the 1st day, attendees observed: "the battle" between 13 startups, that passed the pre-selection stage of the online competition that started 2 months prior to the event. Teams of AdsDax, Apla, Betmatch, Bitcoin Miles, BitRussia, CryptOcean, CryptoNDX, Ebakus, Futurepia, HotelFriend, Orion Protocol, and Raido Financial presented their projects in front of 9 jury members and attendees from blockchain and crypto industry. The winners, CryptoNDX and Futurepia, had a chanсe to pitch their projects on the big stage during the second day of the Summit.

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