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First legal crowdfunding platform powered by blockchain

BitRussia - The first national legal crowdfunding platform created on the principles of ICO using the blockchain technology
BitRussia is the first fully legal investment platform in Russia, operating in accordance with the new legislation in the areas of cryptocurrency regulation and attracting investments by alternative methods.
Our product is for a wide audience while most of the current investment tools are available for the narrow circle of "qualified participants". We are developing a mass product for the future, making investment opportunities available for many.

We are creating a new infrastructure, which will be an alternative to banking services. We are not against banks and classical investment. We want banks and any private and corporate investors to work in an open public ecosystem.

We are a technology platform - not about money, but about the ways of doing business. It changes the very basis of society, replacing the hierarchy with horizontal links, ensuring equality and transparency.

We do not issue currency or securities.

Only by interacting with existing financial institutions the technology of the platform can change and improve them. We do not need the revolution, we need a dynamic evolution.

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